Pica Pete: What is a Pica?

Design on Broadway in Minot North Dakota is also home to this vintage neon sign. I remember seeing this sign twenty-plus years ago. Home of Pica Pete. What is a pica? The pica… Continue reading

Beautifully kerned upper case letters

Kerning on upper case letters

Western Desert Road Sign

Traversing the western desert in Egypt between Bahreya Oasis and Wadi el Hitan

Charlies Restaurant sign

Charlies Restaurant in Minot North Dakota uses a script font for their neon entrance sign.

Parker Apartments entrance sign, Minot, ND

Futura is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed in 1927 by Paul Renner.

Into the Spirit of Halloween

Cafe Kale – Serif

Burger King – Arabic Font

ARTFORM Creative San Serif

ARTFORM home decor store uses a creative san serif font. El Gouna Marina. Egypt Posted from WordPress for Android

Oh so Conservative: HIPPIE store

Hippie, a store in el Gouna, Egypt. An nice upscale lettering for an upscale “hippy” store. Posted from WordPress for Android

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